Томаш Кашпар - Не спешите в гроб

Hunter of facts and detective of truth about the Health on an expedition into the world of food and pharmaceutical lobby

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Modern medicine and its supporters asking us to accept fatigue, a lot of disease and loss of vitality as a natural manifestation of aging.

But then how is it possible that these symptoms are affecting increasingly younger people? That we age faster? How many years is thus a child who got diabetes? How old is thus a 30-year-old man who had a heart attack? Is it no coincidence everything differently?

How is it possible that in the last decade, more and more so as many heart attacks and cancer? How is it possible that diabetes was a hundred years ago a rare disease and now are spreading like an epidemic? Where is the truth?

Modern medical medicine successfully fights the the consequences disease, without being too interested in the cause. This book focuses on just causes and often brings shocking revelation.

We are dying through ignorance